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President | Dr Edward Kirby
Edward Kirby

A chemist by training, Edward worked in industrial research and then with Robert Robertson developing research projects for RUI. He has published over the years some sixty articles and papers. He continues a longstanding interest in mathematical chemistry
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Chair | Dr Howie Firth
Howie Firth

Howie Firth is a scientist, writer and broadcaster who is the director of Orkney International Science Festival.
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Vice Chair | Jane King
Jane King

Jane King has long been active in issues of population, natural resources and sustainable development. She is a founder-member of the Balaton Group, the global network for collaboration on systems and sustainability.
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Vice Chair | John Ferguson

Vice Chair | David Boyd

Stewart Redwood

Stewart Redwood is an independent geological consultant specializing in minerals exploration and project evaluation.
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Member | Ian Wilson

Secretary | Isabel Soutar

Derek Pretswell, a zoology graduate of Aberdeen, started working on forestry and landuse with Ron Greer in 1982/3. He now teaches environmental education to schoolchildren at an outdoor centre and during the summer researches Arctic Charr populations.
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Member | Ron Greer
Ron Greer

Ron was, by profession, a freshwater biologist with a 40 years specific interest in Arctic Charr, Ferox Trout and the management of their primary habitat. He was co-founder with Derek Pretswell, and others, of the Loch Garry Tree Group in 1986.
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Ulrich Loening

Dr Ulrich Loening is a biochemist and former director of the Centre for Human Ecology at the University of Edinburgh.
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Member | Anna Canning
Anna Canning

Anna Canning, a graduate in Herbal Medicine (Phytotherapy), promotes sustainable, plant-based self-care in the community through courses and workshops for adults and children. She worked for many years as a freelance translator and university researcher.
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