About RUI

The Resource Use Institute was founded in 1969 by a brilliantly talented Scottish mineralogist with a track record of innovation and a global vision.

Robert H.S. Robertson wanted to highlight the ways in which the wise use of natural resources could benefit local and national economies and communities.

He looked ahead to challenging times, to an economic downturn in which groups of people could get together to discuss fresh ideas to help sustain and regenerate local and national economies.

He found support, ranging from Lord Ritchie-Calder and Sir Robert Watson-Watt to Lord Boyd Orr and the Duke of Atholl.

In today's situation of global economic uncertainty, RUI is building on these foundations and taking forward its role:

  • To be a pre-eminent expert group (think tank) on the role of resources in stimulating and maintaining a sustainable economy in Scotland capable of contributing to a sustainable global economy.
  • To review topics on an annual basis and publish findings with the aim of ensuring that policy and strategy frameworks on the given topics remain contemporary, focused and relevant.
  • To maintain a membership and wider network of wide-training experience in the issue of resources as a driver to sustainable economic development.
  • To ensure that RUI encourages, mentors and supports the next generation of resource use professionals.
  • To raise awareness of emergent and relevant technologies with potential communal benefit, and to propose and facilitate research and experimental projects that may take them forward.
  • To be prepared in all its activities to rethink orthodoxy and challenge current wisdom where necessary in assisting fresh ideas to come forward for public debate.

It is non-political and welcomes people from varied backgrounds to join its work of tackling challenges and seeking solutions.

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